In the (mother) hood

Katie, aka co-founder of MUSH, is not just IN the mother hood but redefining it by enabling mums all over the country to create their own Mama gang. MUSH is a new app which has been accurately described as a mix between TINDER and NCT classes without the one night stands and the upfront costs. It’s a free app which makes it super easy for you to find like-minded mum mates in your local area.

Given I’ve just moved to Devon where I know hardly anyone, for me it’s PERFECT. I gave it a go last night and once I got past the whole awkward sending someone a message and trying to sell myself bit, which I’ve not had to do since my last online dating dalliance approximately 5 years ago, it was great. I ‘met’ a nice Mama with two boys of similar ages to my two littles and we have set up a date to meet IRL later this month. It really does feel like dating; similar levels of initial awkwardness when introducing yourself leading to nervous excitement and anticipation ahead of the date itself. Who knows what way it will go after meeting but let’s hope not as bad as some of my crash and burn plenty of fish-related moments.

Mum-dating (Mating?) aside, today we are lucky enough to have Katie right here on the blog telling us how motherhood is for her and how she came up with this corker of an idea. I’ve no doubt you will be able to relate to her experience of juggling work emails with swing pushing, having never-ending amounts of washing to do and a weak pelvic floor!.

Before I hand over though, GO DOWNLOAD MUSH!! Honestly, it’s my best App Store download in a long time!! For those of you who missed out on using Tinder (myself included), this is one way you can get your thrills without upsetting the husband. It’s fun, easy to use, innovative and means you can make mum mates who live on your doorstep. It gets a big massive tick from me!


Above: Katie (left) and her business partner Sarah (right) with their children. Check out the big ad board in the background!!

Name: Katie Massie-Taylor

Age: 33

Location: Mortlake, South West London

Number of Kids: 2

Names and ages: Tilly, 3 and Lyla, 1

Was motherhood planned,a lovely surprise or somewhere in the middle?

Totally planned. As much as it ever can be. Actually, more laissez faire if we are going to be really honest! My husband would say opportunist. Miracle really.

Initial feelings when you found out you were pregnant:

Immediately morning sick! In awe, terrified, scream-in-your-throat excited.

How did you tell your partner?

Phone call with the first (boooo not interesting!). The second I sent him an email with an image of the pregnancy test! I was in UK and he was in New York at the time.

Describe motherhood in a few words:

Challenging, rewarding, lonely (at times), frustratingly unpredictable, lots of washing, housework, cuddles, happiness, completeness (doh!).

What do you do when the baby sleeps?

I used to sleep too. Now I have a triple shot coffee and work!

Tell us about your business…

My business partner and I have set up an app called Mush. Mush is a free app that connects mums with other, local like-minded mums in their area. It is loosely described as Tinder meets NCT and is a new way for mums to connect during what can be a (surprisingly!) lonely time. We launched 10 weeks ago and have 20,000 mums on the app already, and growing fast.

How do you juggle the logistics of work and being a mama?

I have help, luckily. Ana is my nanny who comes every day so that I can properly focus on work. We did a lot in the beginning though during nap times/ after bedtime! We tried to have designated times to respond to emails/ work, but the reality is that we did it on the hoof a lot… whilst shaking a toy in front of the baby, whilst pushing the swing, on the move with them in the pushchair. Stressful to feel like you are doing two things badly, hence the childcare now. It is better for all of us!

What’s the worst bits of being a mama?

Grazes, falls, sad faces, big chest heaving tears, leaving them, them not going to bed when you want to be a grown up, refusing food you have cooked.

What’s the best bits of being a mama?

Having that bit in their necks that you can bury your nose into for cuddles. Hearing them learn to speak, first hearing the three year old make a clever and amusing comment on the world. (Can’t think of any- see question at bottom about what I wish I was better at!)

What was the biggest surprise after becoming a Mum?

The crushing loneliness of having a full day ahead with a small baby and no one else to share it with. The need to stay busy with a baby, despite not having anything much to do (above and beyond the all-consuming sleep, eat, poo cycle).

If you had a week off your children what would you do?

Go on a detox, no go on a bender, no go on a detox, no go on a bender. That’s a tough one!

Have you any advice for new mamas?

Download Mush. Find your network of buddies to share the highs and the lows of what’s ahead. I promise you won’t regret it.

Best baby product?

A sling for sure. As your baby gets older and heavier (and you add another kid to the mix) you will look back on the days of walking out with something strapped on to your chest, a nappy in a pocket, keys and a wallet and THAT’S IT with such fondness and nostalgia. Until you need to, avoid lumbering yourself with a buggy or a bag!

Most essential item in your birth bag?

Chocolate bars. For afterwards. And loose clothes! Here is a guide we have on Mush.

 Who inspires you?

Any mum who does well in her job, and at home, and who does it with a sense of balance and prioritising the right stuff. I think that is the biggest struggle for mums, and you are constantly trying to make sure one doesn’t take over the other.

How many children do you want?

Three or four!

What do you wish you were better at when it comes to parenting?

Writing stuff down. Capturing funny moments to remember them later.

What do you miss about life before kids?

Camping trips, spontaneous sunset watching, drinks on beaches, staying out late, lie-ins. Bigger boobs, a better pelvic floor, fresh looking eyes.


Above: Katie (left) and Sarah (right), founders of Mush, the ‘dating’ app for Mums.

A BIG MASSIVE thank you to Katie for taking part in our ‘In the (mother) hood series’ and for bringing Mush into my life at a time of need. You rock.

If you’re a Mum running a biz on the side of baby-rearing and would like to be in the (mother) hood, just drop me an email: thedoublemama@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!