It’s my birthday tomorrow and Christmas isn’t too far off either (eek!) so I thought I’d just put my ultimate wish list out there in the universe and hope for the best – haha! C’mon Santa, I’ve been a good girl this year!!

The Fluro Coat of Dreams

I have a thing about coats and shoes… I know, I know, I’m so unoriginal. I think a great coat makes an outfit. Or rather hides a shabby outfit. And every Mum needs a coat that can hide all sins. This one as worn by the queen of clothing inspo Dress Like A Mum is bright pink, unmissable and I LOVE it! I reckon it could be worn over PJs on the school run (ha!), would definitely cover baby sick shoulder and nobody would ever know if you weren’t wearing a bra. It’s also so bright I think it would do the job of the bright lip; detract from tired eyes / scary, make-up-free, sleep-deprived face. Unfortunately it’s been sold out for ages but I’m sure if I keep refreshing the Topshop website it will eventually come back in stock… that’s how it works, right??


The super-luxe winter warmer

I first encountered this coat when Anna from Lara and Ollie wore it on a shoot I recently did with them. I could not believe it was from Zara. It felt A-MAZING. I couldn’t help but stroke it (I’m aware of how strange this sounds but stick with me). Then I got to try it on and it felt like I was being hugged by a big fluffy bear. It was the warmest, cosiest, fluffiest, softest coat I had ever worn. I expected it to have cost mega $$$. So imagine my delight when I discovered it was this season’s Zara… then imagine my disappointment when I discovered it was also sold out everywhere. I’m so late to the coat party this year. Luckily Zara allow you to sign up for alerts for when stuff comes back in stock so I’m just waiting on that magical notification (fingers crossed!).



This ring from Brilliant Inc. as worn by Mother Of Daughters looks seriously bling but the good news is that it’s made from simulated diamonds. Which means they’re conflict-free but also wallet-friendly (ish). I love the art deco look of this one and I think my finger would like it too.

r1329gv.jpgThe sparkly earrings

From the same company as the ring above, these earrings are also made from simulated diamonds. They’re said to sparkle just like the real thing though and I would definitely feel less worried about wearing them out. Perfect season for twinkly ears I think.

productz_316_1@2x-1.jpgThe MAMA chain

I feel like I’ve been waiting and hinting for so long for one of these bad boys from Cult of Youth that I have finally given up and bought one for myself. I’ve gone for the silver option and I can’t wait for it to arrive! You can never have too much Mama-related merch in my opinion.


The Golden Bag of dreams

It’s well-known I’m a massive fan of all things Tiba+Marl and already have quite the collection but then they went and launched this GOLD bag and I just fell in love! Just LOOK at it! It might seem silly to have so many changing bags but a) I have so many kids and b) they’re more than just changing bags; I’d use this bag whether I had kids with me or not. Plus it’s boring to use the same bag every day and I’m going to be carting nappies about for some time to come. That’s enough justification, right?!


Maria Tash Piercing experience

I recently got a new tattoo after a 12 year hiatus so it only makes sense that I follow up it with some new piercings, right? All of my old ones have closed over so I’m left with just one in each ear. I really love the style of Maria Tash piercings; so many twinkly little gems dotted around the outer and inner parts of the ear. I would so love a trip to her studio at Liberty’s in London for a piercing session. I know this could be an early mid-life crisis but I’m embracing it.


The much-needed watch

I’m always late. Always. I’m not sure if the fact I don’t have a watch is to blame but I reckon getting one can only be a good thing. I love a big-faced one strategically placed to hide the maple leaf tattoo I thought would be a good idea to get when I was 18 and on my gap year. No prizes for guessing which country I was living in at the time! It’s not that I have regret, it’s just I quite like seeing it less often. I love this one from Larson and Jennings that I first spotted on the lovely wrist of model mother.


The much-needed retreat

I would love to go on a yoga retreat and have a much-needed break but with a baby who is breastfed round the clock, getting away is a little tricky. ENTER &Breathe who run postnatal retreats for parents where babies are welcome too! The team run week long retreats in rural France but have now launched 24 hour retreats here in the UK. That’s 24 hours at a luxury, family-friendly hotel where you’ll get expert nutritional advice, 1:1 time with a happiness coach who specialises in new mum stuff, a pilates class, info on that long forgotten pelvic floor, a work out session and a spa treatment to top it off. There’s a creche so you can do all of the aforementioned in peace and a listening service so you can eat your evening meal without a baby attached to you. Sounds absolutely perfect so I’ve already booked myself in. Happy Birthday Me!




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