I hold my hands up! I am a TOTAL CONVERT. It’s taken me three babies but I have finally settled upon what I believe to be the PERFECT sleeping set up. It’s the uber popular SnuzPod 3 in 1 bedside crib and Sleepyhead Deluxe Baby Pod combo. After years of singing the praises of the simple (and very affordable) John Lewis moses basket and stand, I have now come to the conclusion that splashing that bit more cash is worthwhile and justified. I officially stand corrected; I did not know what I was missing out on.

So let me tell you some of the reasons why I love my SnuzPod…

  • It looks B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. The cribs are made from solid wood, come in a range of pretty colours and all the bedding bundles are bang on trend. I love the yellow and grey ‘Cloud 9’ set best. I have the crib sheets, the blanket and the swaddle blanket, all of which are excellent.
  • It is has multiple uses! You can use the SnuzPod as a stand-alone crib, a bedside crib or a portable bassinet, hence the ‘3 in 1’. I mostly use mine as a bedside crib which means I have it right next to my bed (comes with straps you can use to secure it to your bed) with the side zipped down so I can easily slide baby in and out. This is especially great if, like me, you’re still breastfeeding through the night… yawn! As a stand-alone crib you simply zip the side up and you can then have the SnuzPod wherever you like. It is also possible to lift the crib out of the stand altogether and use it as a portable bassinet but I would say this is not the easiest thing to do because, being solid wood and quite large, it is very heavy. So in my opinion not that portable.



  • It lasts! The upside to the fact it’s large is that it lasts waaaaay longer than a moses basket which not only means you get more use out of it but you also avoid the annoyingly tricky bit that happens every time: baby outgrows moses basket at approximately 8-12 weeks but is too young to be moved into their own room where their cot is. So you end up having to buy another crib to bridge this gap or squish the full sized cot into your bedroom which takes up more room than most people have down the side of their bed!! The SnuzPod is so roomy and solid that it’s going to be easily able to accommodate baby until he’s at least 6 months. My baby is already 5 months + and is nowhere near filling it out. This means when the time comes I can simply transition baby from SnuzPod to his big boy cot in his own room… That’s going to be a pretty heartbreaking day. Everyone says it, but doesn’t it just go so fast?!


  • It’s sturdy! The other reason the SnuzPod is on the heavy side is that it’s solid and well made. This is no flimsy crib that you have to worry will collapse or tip over when baby rolls over (lightweight wicker moses basket I’m looking at you!). The SnuzPod feels safe and stable and I for one am definitely going to rate that above the need for it to be mega portable. I also know it will last. It feels like the kind of crib you could save and pass down through generations. Heirloomy if you will!
  • It’s worth the price tag! Which leads me to the next bit: price. It’s not as cheap as your basic £35 moses basket, but it is so much more. If you’re planning on having more than one child you can be sure you’ll be able to use it time and time again. They also have an excellent re-sale value so if you do want to pass it on once you’ve finished using it you can be sure you’ll get over half of your money back. They currently retail new for approximately £200 which includes the mattress. If that’s too much of a stretch see if you can find one secondhand and then buy yourself a new mattress. You’ll find they’ve generally been very well looked after.


If you don’t want to take my word for it then just check out the amount of awards the SnuzPod has won; its trophy shelf speaks for itself. Hands down this is the best sleeping set up you’re going to find for your baby on the market today.


In the interests of full disclosure; I was invited to be part of the Snuz Momma Blog Project and was lucky enough to be given the SnuzPod 3 in 1 bedside crib to test out. However I have not been paid to say any of the above and everything I’ve written is my honest opinion based on my experience of using the Snuz Pod for the past 5 months.






  1. I’ve just got the snuzpod and can’t wait to use it. I notice you have a clip lamp for the bed, I’ve been looking for one myself because I think I’ll need to move my bedside table, can you tell me if yours is led? Do you find it ok for night feeds etc and where did you get it? Sorry for unrelated question!! In madcap nesting mode.


    1. Hello! Yes the clip on lights are LED and are from IKEA. They’re good for night feeds because you can angle them towards the wall so they aren’t so bright / in baby’s face. That is one downside of having a bedside crib – there’s no room for a bedside table. I’m alwyas wishing there was some ledge or something to put my water on… Good luck with your baby! Xx


  2. Pro’s
    I thought it looked smart, modern, and sweet.
    Our child has not been able to successfully sleep in this product for a single night since she was born 8 days ago. She sleeps everywhere but in this pod, clearly pointing to the fact that this pod is just useless and doesn’t do what it is described to do.
    The mattress is too hard, the guidelines on how hard a mattress should be are just that, GUIDELINES, not rules not proven to be the best solution. There needs to be options for soft mattress that comes in with the price.
    The cost of this product is diabolically expensive for what it is.
    The “rocking” motion is near on useless as it requires too much effort to move, it’s impossible to achieve a smooth motion rocking that soothe the baby, instead its more sharp and fast.
    When the side wall is down so you can reach in to the cot from your own bed, it is strongly advised that you “attach” the pod to your own bed using the supplied velco strips, The problem here is that it totally removes the ability to use the limited rocking motion all together.
    The size of the pod is way too big for new borns, leaving them feeling unsafe and uncomfortable. For this money I would expect an inner cushion like SleepyHead design to be supplied!
    The zip on the mattress cover was somehow put grip/handle on the inside, so when baby nappy became lose because she shouldn’t keep still on this uncomfortable bed, she leaked onto the mattress. After finally managing to wiggle the zip loose, it then just broke of the end so i had to spend frustrating amount of time fixing a very poor quality product.

    If you want your baby to be comfortable, secure, safe and you want baby and yourself to get some sleep. do not buy this product, it’s terrible and should only be sold at £50 or less.


    1. Hi lovely, sorry to hear you’re having a tough time and such a new mama. Your baby is only 8 days old though – no baby sleeps through the night at 8 days old! They all want to be held and cuddled. It’s totally normal. The crib is big but that’s so it can accommodate your baby for longer – making it good value for money. If it was small and cosy for a newborn it would soon be outgrown. Firm mattresses are best for baby’s safety and spine development (evidence based). It’s also for safety reasons that you should attach the crib to the bed when you have the side down. I’m sorry that you feel stressed and unhappy in these early days. Try and get some rest when you can. I’m sure you will grow to love the snuzpod. And your baby will too! It will all get easier I promise x


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