REVIEW: Great Little Trading Company


So I feel like I have a MILLION AND ONE blog posts to write and publish. In fact I know I do; they’re all sat in notes on my iPhone. If you follow me on Instagram it’s unlikely you’ll have missed that I had my baby a few weeks ago what with the relentless baby spam you’ve had to endure (sorry about that!). Because he arrived a little earlier than expected I didn’t get the chance to finish my ‘preparing for birth’ series (nor did I get that mani pedi as planned to mark the start of maternity leave * sad face *). I even missed seeing Roald Dahl’s The Witches at the Theatre with my eldest, because baby no3 decided to quite literally steal the show by making his appearance that very same day, which also happened to be the first day of my maternity leave. But of course I didn’t really care because I got to meet my little boy and had a beautiful, calm, water birth with everything I wished for, no complications, no drama. I obviously want to tell you all about it but I’m going to save it for my birth story post, which will come as soon as I have time to write it!! In fact all of the posts I have planned will be written, as soon as I’ve had some time / sleep and am able to string a complex sentence together.

In the meantime I thought I’d tell you about my recent trip to the Great Little Trading Company (GLTC) Showroom which opens officially this week, not because it’s the biggest and most exciting thing to have happened to me over the past few weeks (obviously not) but because it’s not too taxing on my sleep deprived brain to write, and it allows me to ease myself back into blogging after my recent hiatus. I always find it’s hard to get going again after a break, so here goes, this is my very first postpartum attempt..!



At the weekend I was invited to the launch of the GLTC showroom. It promised to be loads of fun for the whole family with everything from champers to children’s entertainers, cake pops to goody bags, the whole she-bang! In the end I went alone (due to poorly kids) and opted for the elderflower juice, but never mind. That’s the thing about having kids; plans rarely pan out as… err, planned.

Anyways the GLTC has until now been a mail order / website only affair. The new showroom in Wandsworth (London) is their very first. You’d be forgiven for thinking it strange that just as more of us are opting to shop online from the confines of our comfy sofas, the GLTC should be opening its first physical showroom / shop!

I initially thought the same. However having been to look around I have realised there are at least two really great things (and probably a load more that I’ve not considered) about having a physical shop. Firstly it’s really difficult to gauge quality when shopping online. Buying a dress from ASOS and sending it back is one thing, buying a set of bunk beds based on a photo is another. If they’re not as you expected it’s going to be a pain and a half to get them returned and meanwhile they are taking up your entire hallway/living room and your kids are presumably without a bed. Not ideal. When buying big ticket items it’s always preferable to have the opportunity to see them before purchasing and that’s exactly what you can do if you visit the GLTC showroom.

Plus, and here’s the second great thing, it’s not a “Don’t touch that!!!” kind of showroom which, if you visit with kids especially, is a one way ticket to a stressful afternoon. Nor is it the headache-inducing maze that is more commonly known as IKEA (don’t get me wrong I’m a big Ikea fan but a trip has been known to break a good relationship). The GLTC showroom has an altogether different kinda vibe. The place is an interiors enthusiast’s dream but with toys including play kitchens, play shops, tippees, under-bunk dens etc etc. to entertain the kids. Making it a wonderland for a pre schooler. In fact it’s a bit like going to a playgroup but the toys are in really good condition and it’s less noisy/mental.

Whilst I was there I found loads I liked and wanted. What surprised me was that besides all the beds, desks and innovative storage options which I expected to find, there were loads of cute toys and room accessories on offer. I thought I’d give you an idea by sharing some of the items from their new collection that I particularly liked…

You’ll notice there’s a bear theme. I’m a big fan of bear-branded stuff since my middle one’s moniker is bear. I know I’m not alone in this and bear is a popular pet name, so hopefully many of you will love this lot too…




book-storage-cart-mr-bear_fr 2


mr-bear-kids-wash-bag-unpersonalised_fr 2




l3481_2 2.jpg




This lot is all from the Mr Bear range. They also have a Miss Cat range. And a whole load of other stuff. You can find everything on the website or pay a visit to the showroom yourself from this Friday, 29th April 2016!

The GLTC showroom can be found at Number 12 Buckhold Road, Wandsworth, SW18 4GP (next to Southside Shopping Centre).