Preparing for Birth – The Baby Shower / Mother’s Day / Gifts for New Mums

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So as part of my ‘Preparing for Birth’ series I had planned a post around The Baby Shower, basically listing loads of cool stuff for Mamas, because jeez, don’t you know the baby gets enough?!! Then I realised Mother’s Day was just round the corner (as in next weekend folks, the countdown is officially ON) and I thought the stuff on my list would be great for the big M-day too! Basically this is the stuff on every Mama’s wish list, so if you’ve got a Mum or Mum-to-be to buy for, either this Mother’s Day or for an upcoming baby shower, or just because… they birthed a human and deserve a treat, then check this list out:


1. How to be a Hip Mama without Losing your Cool written by the hippest mama on the block; Jenny Scott, founder of Mothers Meetings. A guide to motherhood like no other. Fun, useful, the opposite of prescriptive and most importantly easy to dip in and out of (don’t underestimate how important this requirement is for a new mum: “Oh I just tore through that novel what with all the time I’ve got on my hands” said no new mum ever).


2. The Mother Book – so freshly launched that I’ve not even got a copy yet, but I’m going to bet it’s brilliant! Curated by Molly Gunn, the superwoman behind Selfish Mother, this book is packed full of the most popular posts on parenting from the blogosphere, all written by regular fellow Mamas. Plus one of my posts has been included, so ya know…


3. One Day Young by Jenny Lewis – I absolutely adore this collection of photos of new Mamas with their babes, all shot within 24 hours of having given birth. I often flick through the pictures and feel goosebumps with the anticipation of holding my own newborn baby, in just a matter of weeks… eek!



1. THE Mama chain from Cult of Youth. I still haven’t got one of these but Kelly, the wondrous woman behind the brand, promises they will be back in stock soon! Plus there’s a whole heap of awesome new designs landing (featuring all the things we love like pineapples and skulls) also coming very soon!


2. The Mother Sweater. I absolutely love these (and the mother tees), all sold by Selfish Mother. Not only do they look awesome but they’re comfy as hell to wear and best of all they’re raising serious amounts of cash for some incredible charities. An all round win-win situation. You can now buy them from NOTHS and as of this week they’re even stocked in everyone’s favourite department store: John Lewis! Molly, the mama behind it all, is ON FIRE people!!!


3. Mere Soeur Merch – be it the tote mag or the tee or the mega ‘One Good Mutha’ mug, any item here would make an awesome gift for Mother’s Day / a baby shower / a new Mama. The site is being relaunched on the 1st March so set your alarm peeps! This stuff sells out every time.


4. YES MUM CARDS – they have literally taken THE WORLD by storm. Packs of positive affirmations for Motherhood. Simple yet so effective. These make an excellent gift for all Mamas out there, no matter how many years they’ve been in the mothering biz for. Who doesn’t enjoy a metaphorical friendly and encouraging pat on the back?!



1. Tiba + Marl baby changing bags. Or just really cool bags, designed with baby changing in mind. Honestly these are so awesome, you could rock one without even having to rock a baby. From the quilted black Raf holdall, to the flowery backpack, to the mini-me leopard print versions, the amazing mamas behind the brand have got all your bag needs covered. You would be literally loved forever if you were to gift a new Mum or Mum-to-be one of these bad boys. Now also stocked in Harrods and Selfridges!


2. Emily Gray Photography voucher – again, you would be loved big time FOREVER. Dads – buy this for your other half, girls – club together and get one for your BFF. Charlotte the mama who makes the magic happen, is THE photographer of choice for so many mamas out there. Her snaps are all over the internet, or at least instagram (just check out @mother_pukka’s IG feed). Get a booking in ASAP though because this lady is in high demand!


3. We couldn’t list gifts for new Mums without mentioning DON’T BUY HER FLOWERS. Yeah, really don’t, because not only are they unoriginal but she’s got enough to worry about keeping alive. But definitely DO visit the Don’t Buy Her Flowers website and treat her to one of the amazing packages on offer. Boxes of sheer joy beautifully packed and full of goodies that Mamas really want/need/will appreciate. From COOK vouchers to G&Ts, glossy mags to hand creams, dry shampoo to truffles, these packages are perfect for all the mamas in your life. So if your friend has just given birth and you’ve no idea what to send, or you’re out of ideas for your own Mum this Mother’s Day, look no further: DBHF has the solution! (Also brilliant for any other occasion – I was sent one by a lovely friend for my b’day / just after our horror m25 crash and it was like a perfectly timed hug in a box).



2 thoughts on “Preparing for Birth – The Baby Shower / Mother’s Day / Gifts for New Mums

  1. I am in my motherhood and am expecting very soon. These cool things you have mentioned are making me enjoy my motherhood even more. Especially, the baby changing bags. I find it quite interesting. I get the concept that I will have lots of things to carry along when I am out with my baby and the changing bag will be a necessity. What concerns me most is that; does it have special section in it where I can keep my child’s milk bottle warm?


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