New Year’s Resolutions for 2016



New year’s resolutions seems to be like Marmite; people either love them or vehemently hate them. I fall into the first camp. I live by making lists, I love setting myself goals and making plans and enjoy a challenge so for me, setting some resolutions in January is a chance to do just that for the year ahead.

For those that hate such lists I can promise you there’s none of the usual ‘eat less, work out more’ – I’m having a baby in 2016 so have accepted weight gain is inevitable and exercise highly unlikely. I very much plan to have my cake and eat it all.

So here’s my list of goals/hopes/aims for 2016…

First up, the BIG FIVE:

  1. Build a business that I believe in, doing something that I love and find rewarding – this one is already in progress so watch this space!!
  2. Birth a healthy and happy baby boy – hopefully at home again – massively looking forward to this!
  3. Blog more bloody often!! Could be tricky with the irish twins 😉
  4. Buy a house (but obvs not in London) – maybe…
  5. Get back behind the wheel and buy a new Campervan for all the adventures we had planned prior to accident.


Next, is what I plan to do to be a better mother and partner…

6. Take Arlo Bear to a playgroup or similar at least twice a week because he’s a whole 1 year’s old and I’ve taken him to zero groups/classes so far (bad mother). Mainly because I’ve been busy juggling a number of jobs with completing my masters degree since the day he was born.

7. Spend 1:1 time with my biggest boy once a week and do something nice together like go to the cinema or to an exhibition in town or even just to a local cafe for brunch because he’s awesome company and more than deserves it. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve totally neglected him this past year since the arrival of his baby bro.

8. Commit to having a date night once a week (not just talk about it but actually ensure it happens). Whether it’s a gig or just a drink at the pub at the end of the road, we really need to spend more time together sans kids.

9. Schedule 1 night a week to do something for myself and make sure James does the same, whether it’s going out to see friends or just soaking uninterrupted like a pregnant whale in the bath. For him, it will probably be playing or watching footie with mates and beers. But whatever it is, we just need to make sure we do it.

10. TRY and go to bed at 10pm but aim to be sleeping by 11pm week nights. Going to bed in the early hours every night and getting up at 6.30am for work is not sustainable and does not make for happy parents or a happy household.

11. In relation to my relationship, try and live more by this quote and do things differently this year because it’s so easy to fall into a cycle of arguing and being grumpy with each other and putting your relationship last when you have a baby and are permanently exhausted/busy…



Businesses, babies, blogging and house buying aside, I’m really hoping earlier nights, more sleep, weekly date nights and taking time for ourselves (individually) once a week will help keep our relationship on track with the arrival of no 3. It’s so, so important to remember who you are (besides being a Mama/Dada) and why you love each other so you can work together as a team, yet it’s all too easy to neglect the relationship you have with your partner when all the little people in your lives are so demanding and time-consuming (plus there’s always work and boring life admin to factor in). So in 2016 I’m going to try and do things differently so we avoid the negative parent trap. I’m determined to remember who I am (besides being a triple mama!!!) and put my relationship nearer the top of the to-do list. Also I’m hoping by better managing/allocating my time and being more organised in general, and taking Bear to playgroups and spending 1:1 time with Osh each week, that I can be a better, happier and less guilt-ridden mother this year. Fingers crossed!

BRING IT ON 2016… whatever happens it’s going to be a HUGE YEAR!





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