Getting started is always the hardest bit

About Me


So I’ve had a blog before, in my previous life, when it was just the two of us. When I say ‘just the two of us’ I don’t mean me and my other half, well, I suppose I do, but it’s just my other half isn’t or wasn’t my husband/boyfriend/partner, but rather my son. I blogged about life as full-time working, single mama who liked to run, blog and party (!) whose ‘other half’, the keeper of her heart, was her young boy. Fast forward a number of years and I’m no longer a single mama and no longer a mother-of-one. I am now lucky enough to have two wonderful, gorgeous, trying, energetic, exhausting boys. One a pre-teen and the other a newborn. Plus a real-life, adult, other half. So when I decided to start blogging again I thought it was time for a new blog, hence ‘The Double Mama’ was born.

I’m going to start by sharing my pregnancy diary and birth story, which I originally wrote for my friend Clemmie’s blog – the brilliant Gas and Air. Then hopefully sometime very soon I will come up with some fresh blog fodder for your perusal.

I’m crazy nervous about my return to the blogosphere, and I’m extremely sleep deprived, so please be kind 🙂


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